My Letter to the Malgudi Man

R.K.Narayan — my comfort place

Radhika Ghosh
2 min readFeb 17, 2022

Dear ……..,

I really don’t know how to address you. What should I call someone who has been a friend, a guide, a teacher, an inspiration, and everything that is positive? What all-encompassing name can I use for someone who plays so many roles in my life and that too silently?

When I read your creations, Malgudi doesn’t seem to be a fantasy universe. It seems to be a world brimming with characters with familiar faces and known names.

I love how you touch upon the deepest chords of my heart with the magic wand of your words. I envy and admire your ability to reflect the most complicated emotions into simple and plain language.

Are you a magician? Are you a saint?

I grow with your characters, be it Swami, Savitri or Raju. I absorb their incongruities, frailties and accompany them as they navigate through their worlds, saving and changing a bit of their true selves, one heartbeat at a time.

“Malgudi Days” is my sole gateway to the imaginary world. The world where I could be anything; the world where I could do anything; the world where I could be me.

I love the lucidity in your novels, in your stories. They make me restore my faith in the innocence that the world is currently devoid of. I remain perpetually in awe of the simplicity that your writing is all about.

In you, I find my home. In your creations, I find myself. In your words, I find things that I have always felt, things that I have always desired to convey.

Thank you for the unforgettable stories. Thank you for the memorable characters. And thank you for keeping humanity alive through your creations.


An unnamed disciple